"EVENNO" sounds like a Spanish word, but the brand name is originated from a Japanese word.
The meaning can be found if it's read backward.

"EVENNO" came to the world with a strong passion to create fun and unique products without being tied up with commercial purpose.
And in its new product planning meeting, alcohol serves as a lubricant to come up with extraordinary ideas.

The Fingerist

One day, at a mutton BBQ restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo, iPhone lovers were getting together to have a good time.
One of the guys was performing great guitar play with an iPhone application.

Then he said,"I want a guitar amp for this" to someone from Bird Electron, a company famous for speaker design for iPod/iPhone.
This request was lead to iPod Style, a media that is known for iPod/iPhone accessory, and Trinity, inc. that has a iPod/iPhone accessory brand, Simplism.

"The Fingerist" makes all iPhone/iPod touch users guitarists. This is the very first step for the EVENNO project, and the product that people are waiting for.